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$ 148,000.00
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AU$148,000 - full setup w/o chute; equipment removal can be negotiated;
AU$98,000 - HULL only, basic instruments, tail dolley, no trailer or chute;

• Suitable for pilots with 100hrs solo, a great long term decision; 
• Glider & Cobra trailer in as NEW condition, refinished in PU; 
• All equipment is the best of everything, totally over capitalized to your benefit; 
• contact: go_soaring at hotmail dot com 
• Pictures: 

• Cobra FRP trailer
• Ventus 3 version tailplane 
o to save money, original tailplane available 
• LX9000 + many options
• ClearNav vario 
• PowerFlarm 
• ATR833 Radio 
• Pirka & Storka electric bug wiper system 
• Mountain High O2 EDS 
• Kerry Covers 
• Ground handling gear
• Many spares
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