Safety Information

GNZ Safety Policy – from the President

The prime factor in all gliding activities is SAFETY.

It is the policy of GNZ to maintain high standards of safety and excellence and practices that are in accordance with the Civil Aviation Rules and the Manual of Approved Procedures.

These standards are to be understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of GNZ by building knowledge, best practices, skills and attitudes that enhance safety for every member of GNZ.

To help the implementation of this safety policy, this page is a repository for safety articles relevant to gliding – a resource for glider pilots and instructors to enhance gliding safety and help prevent accidents.

1. Pilot ageing

“The Ageing Pilot” is from the CAA’s Vector magazine.

“Risk-taking, Stress and Aging” was presented by Penny Mackay at the GNZ Annual Conference 2012.

“Don’t let AMD Stop You Flying High” was written by Sally Perkins, content manager for a senior care site.

2. Dehydration, nutrition, hypoxia and air sickness

“Need a Drink?” is from the CAA’s Vector magazine.

“A contrary view to the one that only water should be taken during long flights” is from Gliding Kiwi magazine.

“Dehydrated?” is from SoaringNZ magazine.

“Nutrition, Dehydration, Hypoxia and Recovery” is from the GFA.

“Air Sickness” is from SoaringNZ magazine.

3.Decision making

“One Bad Decision Leads to Another” is from SoaringNZ magazine.

“Complacency : What Me Worry?” is from SoaringNZ magazine.

“Paddock Landing Decisions” is from SoaringNZ magazine.

“Get-there-itis” is from the CAA’s Vector magazine.

4. TEM (Threat & error management)

This three-part series is from SoaringNZ magazine. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“Do we know what we don’t know?” is from Plane & Pilot magazine.

5. Accidents

“Reporting Occurrences” is from the CAA’s Vector magazine.

“Common Factors in Accidents” is from the GFA.

“Safety Briefing – Accident Review 2016” is from the BGA.

6. Competition Safety

“Gliding and Vision” is from the GFA.

“Lookout for Glider Pilots” is from the GFA.

“Joining Thermals” is from the GFA.

“Parachute Deployment” is from the Lake Keepit Soaring Club.

“Bailout” is from the GFA.

“Final-Glide Planning” is from the GFA.

7.Mountain Flying

“Safety in Mountain Flying” is from the French National Gliding Centre (CNVV).

8. Launching

“Safe Winch Launching” is from the BGA.

“Safe Aerotowing” is from the BGA.

“10 Towing Tips” is by Roger Read, Canterbury Gliding Club.

9. Human Factors

These 3 PowerPoint presentations are from the GFA – Introduction & overview to HF on glidingClub culture & reportingVision & Fatigue

10. Airworthiness

“Is Your Glider Fit for Flight?” is from the BGA.

“Flying the ASH-25” by Stan Nelson is about the handling problems of “big-wing” gliders regarding spins and spiral dives.

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