Training Syllabus

Training is carried out in accordance with the training systems described in the GNZ Manual of Approved Procedures (MOAP). The MOAP lays down the syllabus of training. Click the links below to obtain a copy of the relevant syllabus sheet extracted from the MOAP:

A & B-Certificate Oral Exams

An important element of the training and examination for the A and B certicates is the use of oral examinations covering a number of subject areas.

Ten questions from each section will be chosen by the examining instructor on the day. The student is to answer in a manner that shows understanding of the subjects questioned to be considered to be answering correctly. No points for grammar!

The questions to be used by the instructor to test the candidate are held in a question bank. The good news is that the question bank and model answers for each of the questions is available to the student for study purposes.

Click here to get the question bank and model answers.

QGP Written Exams

Qualified Glider Pilot (QGP) candidates are required to be examined in, and to have a broad knowledge of, the following (Ref MOAP Appendix 2-C):

  • The Civil Aviation Act, 1990, the Civil Aviation Rules, especially Parts 91 and 104, and the GNZ MOAP relating to the operation of gliders and powered gliders, including pertinent air traffic service practices and procedures.
  • The elementary principles of aeronautical charts and navigation.
  • The elementary principles of aeronautical meteorology including factors affecting glider flying.
  • The elementary principles of theory of flight, glider limitations and performance.
  • The basic principles of glider construction.
  • Operator responsibilities for glider maintenance.
  • Safety practices and emergency procedures relevant to gliding operations.
  • Human Factors relating to the operation of gliders.
  • Radio and transponder procedures.

To assist the QGP candidate, hard-copy Pilot Study Training Notes are available from the Gliding International Bookstore
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Sample (Mock) QGP Exams:

The following sample exam papers are intended to assist the QGP candidate to direct their study and to test themselves:

Additional training material:

Most clubs run classroom courses to help QGP candidates to gain the knowledge required to pass the QGP exams. Talk with an instructor in your club to find out what is available locally.

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