FAI Sporting Licences

It is a requirement for record and overseas competition flights that the pilot-in-command be the holder of a Sporting Licence issued by the National Aerosport Control (NAC).  In New Zealand this is the Royal New Zealand Aero Club (RNZAC) Inc.  A current member of GNZ is deemed to hold a Sporting Licence for flights within New Zealand.  The member’s GNZ Central Register number should be quoted in situations where the Sporting Licence number is required.

Pilots requiring a Sporting Licence issued by the RNZAC should apply online at the following: http://contact.flyingnz.co.nz/fai-air-sporting-licence-xidc57888.html

Pilots should note that their Sporting Licence will not be recognised as valid until the FAI has entered the details on its central database upon receipt from the RNZAC.

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