Information for Competitors

Rules 2023-2024 The official rules for contests sanctioned by the GNZ Sailplane Racing Committee.
Rule Changes 2022 There are no changes for the 2023/24 season
NZ Contest Scoring Formula 2020 There are significant changes this season as NZ adopts the FAI Alternative Scoring system. The marking system is used to determine the best pilots over the course of a contest. It is complex, but for the serious contest pilot well worth understanding.
Glider handicaps 2022/23
ClementAlan BGA List 2022
BGA handicap list, adopted by the GNZ Sailplane Racing Committee. See the “GLIDER SPEED INDICES” 7.3 in the BGA rules PDF.
Tasman Trophy Agreement between GFA and GNZ regarding the Tasman Trophy competition.
International Team Selection See MOAP 1-7 Section 2 Selection Procedures for International Representatives. The current selection panel for appointing NZ representatives is Murray Wardell (Chairman), Tony van Dyk and Warren Dickinson.  Expressions of interest should be made direct to this panel.  Contact details are at the bottom of this page.
Code of Conduct Code of Conduct for NZ National representative pilots.
Competition Safety Safety articles by experienced competition pilots.
AC 2-10 Competitions Detailed information on the management and rules infrastructure for sanctioned gliding competitions in NZ
and NZ participation in international championships.
SRC Terms of Reference GNZ’s Terms of Reference for the Sailplane Racing Committee.

Interislander Ferry Concession

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