Turnpoint Databases

If you are looking for turnpoint files for your task planning software or your flight computer try these out for size.

Firstly, let’s get the disclaimers out of the way – these files are made available entirely without warranty etc etc. You know the drill. Seriously, use these files entirely at your own risk. Check to make sure the information is current, and correct for yourself. Don’t even think about making anyone else other than yourself responsible for the quality and use of the information provided here.

Note the landout points are only accurate at the time created, don’t rely on these as they may be in crop, have stock on them or be closed for whatever reason. As always have a second, third and fourth option and time to make good decisions.

Use “Save link as” to download a file. Most of the files can then be edited as you wish using a text editor.

VFR Reporting Points for all of New Zealand


North Island

Unified Waypoint and Contest Airspace Database

Please contact Murray Wardell if you’d like to have your site’s waypoints added to the Waypoint Database.

South Island

Turn-point File Area Instruments Updated Comments
Springfield2020v2.cup Springfield See You Nov 2020 Tasks & waypoints for CGC contest Dec 2020
OA-Jul2023.cup Omarama See You Jul 2023 Includes Mt Cook-Tekapo and Milford Reporting Points; key alpine passes, plus South Island landout strips.
OMA-2021.dat Omarama Cambridge Jan 2021 Includes landout strips in Omarama turnpoint area.
Nelson2014v1.cup Nelson Lakes See You Feb 2014 Includes landout strips.

Archived NI Waypoint Files

Turn-point File Area Instruments Updated Comments
northland2004.dat Northland Cambridge 2004
northland2004.ndb Northland SN10 2004
northland2004.cup Northland See You 2004
drury_14.dat Drury Cambridge Jan 2014
drurylandouts.dat Drury South Cambridge Feb 2014  Drury West Coast Turnpoints
drury_14.da4 Drury LX Navigation and Colibri Jan 2014
drury_14.ndb Drury SN10 Jan 2014
drury_14.cup Drury See You Jan 2014
MatamataDec2013v2.dat Matamata Cambridge Dec 2013
MatamataDec2013v2.ndb Matamata SN10 Dec 2013
MatamataDec2013v2.cup Matamata See You Dec 2013
waipukurau2014.dat Waipukurau Cambridge Jan 2014
waipukurau2014.da4 Waipukurau LX Navigation and Colibri Jan 2014
waipukurau2014.ndb Waipukurau SN10 Jan 2014
waipukurau2014.cup Waipukurau See You Jan 2014
TaupoTurnpoints2017.cup Taupo See You 2017 Trev Terry
173_taranaki.cup Taranaki See You April 2016 Thanks Glyn Jackson & Tim Hardwick-Smith
PAP_24A.cup Papawai See You Jan 2024 Thanks Martyn Cook

For more information or versions for instruments not listed here visit the worldwide turnpoint website.

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