Android Tracking

Options for Android cellular tracking include:

  • BTraced is no an updated or supported app. It still works well on Android, instructions below.
  • SeeYou Navigator/Oudie (Through the OGN network). To add, figure out your HEX code and put it into the GNZ database. Oudies and SeeYou Navigator output a random hex code. Turn on your device and find it on the GNZ tracking map to figure out the HEX code.
  • IGC Droid another option for Android. Uses the OGN network. Can configure the hex code in app. Put into the GNZ database
  • Overland now available for Android! Instructions are the same as iPhone

BTraced Setup

  1. Click Settings then click ‘upload settings’
  2. Ensure ‘upload format’ is XML, username and password are blank.
  3. Untick ‘Use server’
  4. Enter a ‘customer server address’ of where XXX is your 3 letter registration e.g. ‘gba’, ‘oma’, ‘gpc’
  5. Click ‘settings’ again and then ‘GPS settings’
  6. Turn off ‘distance filter’. We want your location coming in even if you’re not moving.
  7. Turn on ‘time filter’ and change it to 20 seconds.

How to use

  1. From the front screen, click the ‘create trip’ button
  2. Turn on the tracking switch
  3. Click the ‘current trip’ button to get back to this screen if needed.
  4. Check that your rego shows up on the tracking site


  • Btraced has a habit of always tracking you and turning on when your phone starts
  • Check the settings below to turn this off.
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