Gliding New Zealand Executive

Function of Gliding New Zealand

Gliding New Zealand Incorporated administers the sport of gliding in New Zealand for those clubs and groups that are affiliated to it. The Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand (CAA) has certificated Gliding New Zealand as a CAR Part 149 Organisation.

Governing Body

The governing body of GNZ is the Executive Committee, the membership of which consists of the President, Vice President, and three elected members. In addition, the immediate past President is an ex-officio member. The Executive Committee appoints an Executive Officer and a Treasurer. It meets at regular intervals.

Committees & Officers   [For contacts go here]

The routine business of the different aspects of GNZ’s activities is handled by the following committees & officers:

Executive Committee – The governing body of GNZ, which handles issues of national importance; provides policy direction; liaises with both Government and non-Government bodies on a national basis; ensures New Zealand is represented in the international arena; sets, promotes, and monitors safe flying and airworthiness practices; and, generally supports and promotes the sport wherever possible.

Operations Committee – Responsible for monitoring the maintenance of operational standards of GNZ affiliates, including auditing, the training and testing of instructors and tow pilots, collecting and analysing accident and incident reports, and disseminating safety information. The National Operations Officer heads the Operations Committee and administers the issue of Instructor Ratings.

National Airworthiness Officer – Responsible for the monitoring of airworthiness standards of GNZ affiliates, and the training and testing of engineers and the issuing of Engineer Approvals.

Airspace Committee – Deals with airspace issues, and liaises with the Civil Aviation Authority and the Airways Corporation on airspace matters, advocating for the protection of the interests of the gliding movement.

Sailplane Racing Committee (SRC) – Responsible for creating an environment that encourages sporting achievements by fostering fair and lively competition within a set of rules established for the safe conduct of gliding championships in New Zealand. Also responsible for making recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding the selection and support of pilots representing New Zealand at international gliding championships.

Youth Glide New Zealand Committee – Responsible for promoting the formation of Youth Glide groups within gliding clubs and generally representing the interests of glider pilots under the age of 25 years.

Central Register Manager – Responsible for maintenance of the electronic central membership database.

Quality Manager – Responsible to the President for overall quality assurance of activities undertaken by GNZ.

Medical Advisor – Provides the Executive Committee and affiliates with advice on medical issues related to gliding.

Awards Officer – Processes, issues, and maintains records of claims relating to soaring achievements, appoints FAI Official Observers, and administers the issue of Qualified Glider Pilot Certificates.

Membership Development Team – Facilitates implementation of good practice within clubs with respect to both flying operations and development of members generally.  Creates opportunities to promote and market gliding.

WebMaster – Responsible for development and maintenance of the GNZ website.

FAI Gliding Delegate and Alternate Delegate – Responsible for representing GNZ at meetings of the International Gliding Commission (IGC).

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