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New Printable Training Programme Forms and Poster

Print ready PDFs for certificates, poster and checklists.

Form No

Form Title


Document Controller

OPS01 Medical Certificate & Declaration Jul 22 Executive Officer
OPS02 Cross Country Pilot Exam Candidate Answer Sheet Jun 20 NOO
OPS03 Application for XCP Certificate Dec 23 Executive Officer
OPS03A Conversion of QGP to Cross-Country Pilot Certificate Jan 22 NOO
OPS04 Application for FAI Badge or Distance Diploma Dec 23 Awards Officer
OPS05 Application for Official Observer appointment Apr 24 Awards Officer
OPS06 Validation of Foreign Qualifications for XCP Jul 23 NOO
OPS07 Application for Instructor Rating Nov 23 NOO
OPS08 Exercises Approved to Teach Apr 24 NOO
OPS09 ICR Form & Notes Jun 23 NOO
OPS10 Accident / Incident Report Apr 24 NOO
OPS11 Biennial Flight Review Jun 20 NOO
OPS12 Flight Test for XCP Passenger Rating Jul 22 NOO
OPS13 Application for Tow Pilot Instructor Approval Jul 15 NOO
OPS14 Notification of Issue of Glider Tow Pilot Rating Jul 15 NOO
OPS15 General Operations Audit Report Jul 18 Quality Manager
OPS16 Document Change Request Sep 20 Executive Officer
OPS17 Fit & Proper Person Declaration for Passenger Rating Sep 22 Executive Officer

Glider Pilot’s Logbook

Logbooks may be purchased from the Chairman of the Membership Development Team.
Email bwsharpe300@gmail.com 

BFR Stickers

To complement the OPS 11 BFR form, logbook stickers are available to CFIs from the GNZ Executive Officer.
16 stickers per A4 sheet. Email executive.officer@gliding.co.nz

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