Badge Flights Claiming

Application Forms

Official Observer (OO) Application Don’t be shy, there are never too many OO’s
Download OPS 05 application form to become an OO
Flight Declaration Download flight declaration form here
Badge Flight Claim Download OPS 04 application form here and send it with the fee of $25 per leg claimed along with the flight documentation.
Record Flight Claim >> See FAI-Gliding website

Price List

Award Fee ($ incl GST)
Solo Pilot Badge Provided by clubs
Soaring Pilot Badge Provided by clubs
XCP and Badge (available only through clubs) $25.00
Silver/Gold Duration claim $25.00
(Fee for Gold Duration is waived if claimed on the same flight as the Silver Duration. Other than this one exception, a separate fee is payable for each leg of each badge achieved through a single or multiple flights)
Silver Gain of Height claim $25.00
Silver Distance claim $25.00
Gold Gain of Height claim $25.00
Gold Distance claim $25.00
Silver and Gold badges 0.00
Will be awarded at no additional charge on acceptance of third leg.
Diamond Height claim $25.00
Diamond Goal claim $25.00
Diamond Distance claim $25.00
3 Diamond award 0.00
Will be awarded at no additional charge on acceptance of 3rd diamond claim
1000km Badge and Diploma $25.00
Replacement XCP, Silver, Gold or Diamond certificate $10.00
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