Air New Zealand XC Trophies

This is a decentralised competition aimed at encouraging cross-country flying from club sites, particularly by pilots new to cross-country flying.  It is a distance event extending over the season and is run in two divisions; one for flights originating in the North Island and one for flights originating in the South Island.  OLC handicaps and scoring are used.  Any NZ resident glider pilot with a GNZ XCP certificate may enter provided that, on the first day of the contest, no more than 10 years have elapsed since their XCP (or QGP) was awarded and they have not flown a ratified (or subsequently ratified) Gold distance flight.

YearNorth IslandSouth Island
2023Philip ReesRob Kerr
2022Derek ShipleyRob Kerr
2021Michael CooperPeter Taylor
2020Anton LawrenceColin Winterburn
2019Anton LawrenceSam Tullett
2018Alain MarcuseDaniel McCormack
2017Matthew FindlayJason Kelly
2016Jevon McSkimmingKen Montgomery
2015Ray BurnsNick White
2014Steve ForemanNot awarded
2013Neil RaymondBob Martin
2012David HirstNick Oakley
2011Mark DraysonChris Streat
2010Edouard DevenogesEdouard Devenoges
2009Jenny WilkinsonMaurice Weaver
2008Dane DickinsonRichard McCaw
2007Murray WardellMurray Wardell
2006Tim HarrisonRussell Jones
2005Nick ReekieDane Dickinson
2004Derek KraakMurray Pinkerton
2003Roy Edwards
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