Coaching Cross Country


The mission of coaching is to provide close support to pilots through mentoring, encouragement and goal setting to enable transition from safe and competent local flyers to safe and competent cross-country flyers.

Regular cross-country flying is a key to post-solo/post-XCP membership retention and ensures future contribution back to our sport.

Pilots of all levels from pre-solo to advanced cross-country will and can benefit from the support and guidance offered by a coach.


Role of the Coach

The role of a coach within a club is to:
  • Use the spread sheet Pilot Progress for Coaches to track and ensure the progress of all club pilots in reaching their cross-country flying goals;
  • Ensure that all new pilots, as early as possible in their training, are taken on a dual cross-country experience flight;
  • Create, maintain, encourage and ensure a club culture where regular cross-country flying is the norm and not the exception;
  • Ensure all pilots as soon as possible sign up to the OLC and start recording and comparing their flights;
  • Work with all club pilots, especially recent post solo / XCP to support them and set goals for progress and achievement;
  • Brief a pilot prior to a cross-country flight, then de-brief afterwards;
  • Pair pilots of similar ability and encourage them to support and encourage each other on their journey;
  • Transition a pilot who knows how to fly into a pilot who really appreciates why we fly.

Coaching System

GNZ’s coaching system is set out in Section 2-5 of the MOAP.

Gliding New Zealand Coaching Manual

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