CAA’s CAR Part 149 certification of GNZ, and the Manual of Approved Procedures (MOAP) governs Gliding New Zealand’s scope of activities, and all gliding related operations of its affiliates. Supplementary information to the MOAP is provided in Advisory Circulars (ACs).

These publications are amended as required. If you believe a change is required, please notify the person listed as document controller. Contact details can be found at: Contact details for document controllers

The MOAP and many of the associated forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader to display and print.

Manual of Approved Procedures:

Document Effective Date Document Controller
Manual of Approved Procedures 27 April 2024 GNZ Executive Officer

The Manual of Approved Procedures (MOAP) is amended regularly.  Details of the latest changes here.

Civil Aviation Rule Exemptions

The Director of Civil Aviation has granted the following exemptions from Civil Aviation Rules:

Weak-links for Aero-tow

Weak-link requirements for aero-tow have effectively been modernised to cater for low mass towing aircraft, such as microlights.  See the formal exemption certificate 16/EXE/34.

Glider Aerobatics

The various minimum heights down to which aerobatics in  a glider may be conducted are significantly lowered for GNZ members holding aerobatic ratings issued in accordance with GNZ AC 2-06 .  See the formal exemption certificate 16/EXE/15 (Amendment #1).  For the AC, go to this page.

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