Instructor Training Programme

The Gliding New Zealand Instructor needs to achieve and maintain proficiency in four key areas:

  1. Knowledge of the Pilot Training Programme (PTP), MOAP, GNZ Rules, CAA Rules
  2. Teach, instruct, coach and assess a trainee pilot’s knowledge and understanding
  3. Safely and effectively conduct airborne exercises (where approved to provide instruction)
  4. Manage gliding operations, including supervision of solo pilots, emergency procedures.

The Instructor Training Programme (ITP) consists of the following documents:

  1. Assessment Standards for Initial Issue and Category Upgrades
    Instructor Assessment Standards (IAS)
  2. Form to Apply for an Instructor Rating or Upgrade
    Form OPS-07 Page 1
  3. Form to Record Assessment Against the Standards (20 topics)
    Form OPS-07 Page 2
  4. Support Manual for the Teaching of Airborne Training Exercises
    Instructor Support Manual (ISM) expands on the definitions in the IAS Part 3
  5. Form for Recording Exercises Approved to Teach
    Form OPS-08 – applies to C-Cat and B-Cat ratings; use in conjunction with ISM
  6. Use of Patter (optional)
    Use of Patter – a simple and effective language for use when airborne, from the BGA
  7. Instructor Competency Review (ICR)
    Form OPS-09 is required every two years after the initial issue of an instructor rating. Includes notes to expand the definitions. An ICR also meets the requirements for a BFR.

Instructors will need to make use of the following Operations Forms:

Biennial Flight Review
Form OPS-11 is required by every pilot who does not hold an instructor rating and must be renewed every two years after initial issue of the XCP (or a passenger rating). Conducted by a B-Cat or A-Cat.

Flight Test for Passenger Rating
Form OPS-12 is required immediately prior to completion of the XCP section of the PTP. Conducted by a B-Cat or A-Cat.

Additional material is provided here:

Privileges and Rating Requirements for Instructor Categories A, B and C

Gliding NZ AC 2-04 Instructor Privileges and Currency

MOAP Section 2-4 and Appendix 2-E.

Requirements and Application Procedure for CPL(G) Download AC 2-15 from this page

A Commercial Pilot Licence (Glider), or CPL(G), allows an instructor to be remunerated for providing instruction within a gliding club (Part 149) environment. It also allows a pilot to take a passenger on a joyride within an Adventure Aviation (Part 115) environment.

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