Affiliation Fees

Gliding New Zealand Affiliation & Entrance Fees

GNZ fees effective 1 November 2019 are as follows:

1.  Affiliation Fee:

(A)  GNZ Full Members.

An affiliation fee at the rate of $100.00 (including GST) for each flying member of the GNZ Full Member club struck as follows;

(i)            Flying members on the Central Register at 31 October in any Year.

(ii)          Flying members joining between 1 November and 31 January = 100% of Affiliation Fee, joining between 1 February and 30 April = 50% of Affiliation Fee, and joining between 1 May and 30 June = 25% of affiliation fee.

The Annual Subscription for a new GNZ Full Member granted provisional membership by the Executive Committee shall be calculated according to (A) (ii).

A flying member, with membership of more than one GNZ Member club, shall declare a primary GNZ Member club through which the Affiliation Fee will be paid.

(B)  GNZ Associate Members.

An affiliation fee at the rate and struck as for one flying member of a GNZ Full Member.

(C)  GNZ Annual Group Members

An affiliation fee at the rate and struck as for one flying member of a GNZ Full Member except for the Air Training Corps Association of New Zealand, which shall pay a subscription at the rate equivalent to the affiliation fee for five flying members of a GNZ Full Member.

(D)  GNZ Commercial Members.

(i)            An affiliation fee for each flying member of the GNZ Commercial Member at the rate and struck as for a GNZ Full Member.

(ii)          For Glide Omarama/Southern Soaring a combined fee of $7,200 (plus GST), which includes the aircraft fee as struck in (F) below.

(iii)         For any other organisation admitted to GNZ Commercial Membership a fee set by the Executive Committee having regard to the membership application and/or business plan of the applicant for the year of application.  Subsequent Subscriptions shall be set by AGM.

(E)  GNZ Soaring Centre Members.

An affiliation fee at the rate and struck as for one flying member of a GNZ Full Member.

(F)  Aircraft Fee (levy).

For aircraft on the NZ Register with nationality and registration marks ZK-Gnn at 31 October each year, a fee of $100.00 (including GST).  An aircraft on the CAA published list of inoperable aircraft with deferred Participation Levy as at 31 October each year is exempt from this fee, provided it remains on that list until at least the following 30 April.

[Definitions: For the purposes of determining the payment of a GNZ affiliation fee, a flying member is a person under training (not yet solo) or a person acting as pilot-in-command of a glider or powered glider in NZ.  Trial flight participants are excluded, provided they have not completed more than 6 instructional flights in the preceding 6 months.  Tow-pilots flying club-operated tow planes, winch and auto-launch drivers, and GNZ Engineers (non-LAME) shall be treated as flying members for affiliation fee purposes.  A visiting foreign pilot, being a non-NZ resident qualified to fly gliders or powered gliders in their home country and wishing to fly as pilot-in-command in NZ for a period of up to three months, is excluded from the preceding definition of flying member but shall pay the fee prescribed in the GNZ Manual of Approved Procedures, Section 1-3.] [Note: Members under the age of 26 who are in full-time study may have their affiliation fee waived.]

2.  Entrance Fees:

An organisation admitted to membership of GNZ shall be liable for an entrance fee of $120.00 (including GST), payable on granting provisional or confirmed membership.

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