Sailplane Racing

Don’t sound surprised, of course we race them!

Who can fly fastest around a pre-defined course of hundreds of kms, or who can fly furthest within a specified time limit. Racing is held by some to be the ultimate soaring challenge, and by others to be the best cross-country training ground. Some think it is just a great excuse to go flying! Camaraderie and competition abound in sailplane racing.

The Sailplane Racing Committee (SRC) manages the competition environment in New Zealand. They annually update the rules and marking system for National and Regional Gliding Championships, and provide guidance to organisers of these competitions. Contact the SRC here.

This area of the Gliding New Zealand website provides links to competition information and results, and provides competition pilots – and those intending to try racing – with the information they need…….

Forms of competition in New Zealand

Some pilots hold competition to be the ultimate challenge in gliding. For the competition-minded there are a range of options available.

Head-to-head competition is provided through the annual National Gliding Championships and Regional Gliding Championships, and through a number of local competition events and a number of competition “series”.

The Air New Zealand Cross Country Championships provide a second form of competition through a “decentralised” contestaimed at encouraging cross country flying from club sites, particularly by pilots new to cross country flying.

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