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Latest Generation Cellular Trackers now available. Works with both GNZ Tracking and PureTrack.io.

- Small at 65 x 56,6 x 20,6 mm (L x W x H), with internal cellular and GPS antennas, so a very neat, tidy unit.
- Track buffering while out of cell coverage, and push online when it can.
- Increased data round corners, so you have nice looking thermals!
- Works with your aircraft power, no battery.

Install requirements:
- Requires to be face up to the sky for GPS coverage.
- Just add positive and negative 12v power, and a fuse.
- Installs should be done by a glider engineer. But it's quick and easy.

Cellular data plan extra $89/year, it supports both One (aka Vodafone) and Spark networks automatically based on the best coverage.

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