New Constitution


Like all Incorporated Societies, Gliding NZ and its member clubs all need to reregister under the Incorporated Societies Act 2022.  The deadline is April 2026.  See


New Constitutions complying with the 2022 Act are needed.  Fortunately, Sport New Zealand has provided templates tailored for organisations like ours; one template for national organisations like GNZ, and another template for consituent member clubs, which dovetails nicely with the national one.  Clubs are invited to use this club template – although they don’t have to do so.

A new GNZ Constitution has been drafted in accordance with the Sport NZ template, adopting most of the provisions of our existing Rules.  This draft has been approved by the Executive for circulation in preparation for voting on it at the upcoming AGM on 8 June 2024.

There will be a formal item of business at the AGM to seek the agreement of member clubs to:

  1. Proceed with registration under the 2022 Act with effect 1 April 2025.
  2. Approve the Constitution as drafted.

Club committees are therefore urged to read the draft GNZ constitution before voting at the AGM. 

Note that a two-thirds majority of the votes of delegates present at the meeting is required.

Max Stevens
Executive Officer

20 May 2024

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