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OPS01 Medical Certificate & Declaration (10.55 kB) 09/11/2017 Executive Officer
OPS02 Qualified Glider Pilot Exam Candidates Answer Sheet (91.03 kB) 18/08/2007 NOO
OPS03 Application for QGP Certificate (10.71 kB) 21/03/2015 Executive Officer
OPS04 Application for FAI Badge or Distance Diploma (86.67 kB) 1/11/2017 Awards Officer
OPS05 Application for Official Observer appointment (10.7 kB) 9/07/2015 Awards Officer
OPS06 Validation of Foreign Qualifications for QGP (10.7 kB) 1/03/2019 NOO
OPS07 Application for Instructor Rating (58.11 kB) 27/11/2018 NOO
OPS08 Competency Review – New & Intermediate Instructors (33.18 kB) 30/08/2017 NOO
OPS09 Competency Review – Advanced & Senior Instructors (20.37 kB) 30/08/2017 NOO
OPS10 Incident Report (47.64 kB) 28/05/2014 NOO
OPS11 Biennial Flight Review (27.4 kB) 12/02/2013 NOO
OPS13 Application for Tow Pilot Instructor Approval (131.66 kB) 10/07/2015 NOO
OPS14 Notification of Issue of Glider Tow Pilot Rating (122.69 kB) 10/07/2015 NOO
OPS15 General Operations Audit Report (225.39 kB) 08/07/2018 Quality Manager

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