Robn DR400/180 Syndicate Share

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021 324 232
$ 25,000.00
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We are offering either one 1/3 or two 1/4 shares in this aircraft. With the Glider Tow fees covering all major maintenance and operating costs, this is likely one of the most cost effective ways of owning a light aircraft in New Zealand today.

The Robin DR400 is a delightful plane to fly. She is perfect for recreational flying, absolutely suitable for an early PPL wanting to build time, or any pilot wishing to gain or use a glider tow rating. In addition, she can carry four adults cross country in comfort at a cruise speed of 120Kts. The aircraft is available to syndicate members for recreational flying.

Two 1/4 Shares offered at $25,000 each or one 1/3 share at $NZ 33,000. The aircraft is hangared at Centennial Park, Taupo.

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