Legacy Training Syllabus

During the transition to the new pilot flight training programme, the “legacy” (old) training syllabus checklists may be used up until June 2022 to record the progress of students who have already commenced training on that syllabus. However, the QGP is no longer issued, having been replaced by the Cross-Country Pilot Certificate (XCP). A student who completes the old training syllabus to the point where a QGP would have been issued needs to be cleared to fly cross-country and have successfully completed a solo cross-country flight of at least 50km between two points before an XCP may be issued.

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Click the links below to obtain copies of the old syllabus sheets:

A Certificate Part 1 – Ground Training Syllabus

A Certificate Part 2 – Flight Training Syllabus

B Certificate Syllabus

QGP Certificate Syllabus

Instructor Training

The new instructor training programme developed to dovetail with the new pilot flight training programme is currently being reviewed for acceptance under CAR Part 149.103(d)(6).  Until this is accepted by the CAA, it cannot be used to qualify new instructors or upgrade existing instructors.

Meanwhile, the legacy (old) instructor training programme is still acceptable to CAA and may be used to qualify new instructors or upgrade existing instructors.  Such instructors must also be familiar with the new pilot flight training programme before exercising their privileges.

Click the link below to download the old syllabus check lists that were current as at MOAP AL 35.

Appendix 2-E Instructor Training

Instructors’ Manual

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